Music Videos: Jonny Tarr

Project Basics

BPM’s Role: Cameras, Lighting, Audio, Video Editing

Client: Jonny Tarr

Songs: “Straight in the Eye”

Date: December 2017


Music, Video & Audio


For this series of live performance music videos, I packed up a ton of gear and headed over to the artist’s home. We set up in his backyard for a daytime live performance shoot.

Shot as one continuous live performance, these music videos showcase Jonny Tarr’s multi-instrumental musicianship without any recording studio tricks. I set up three Canon DSLR cameras on tripods while I operated a 7D Mark II handheld rig. The overhead angle was a 4K Lumix mirrorless camera mounted high on my C-stand, for a total of five cameras.

I edited this in Adobe Premiere CC, employing some new visual effects along with the camera sway effects I’ve been using to simulate multiple camera operators

The audio for these videos happened very differently than for a typical solo artist. I got a direct line from the vocal mic (the Shure SM57 you see on camera) then split that to go to me and into his looper pedal (so he could loop that signal), I also got the direct out from the looper (which included his full effects pedal chain), and I also positioned two off-camera shotgun mics to give the recordings depth, atmosphere and ambience. I processed all of the audio as if it were a music recording, rather than sound for a video, in Logic Pro X.

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Behind the Scenes

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