Music Videos: Ariel Levine

Project Basics

BPM’s Role: Cameras, Lighting, Audio, Video Editing

Client: Ariel Levine

Songs: “San Diego Serenade”, “Sunday Sun” & more

Date: November 2016


Music, Video & Audio


Ariel Levine approached with me with an idea. He and I have a few mutual friends and a lot of mutual acquaintances from us both being in the San Diego music scene. He had seen the live performance music videos I made with Heather Nation and was interested in a series of his own.

Ariel recently released his debut solo album and during his fundraising campaign, he offered a reward for a handful of large donations: a cover song of your choice, recorded to video.

For this series of live performance music videos, I configured a small TV studio with a white backdrop and a six light setup for this series of six videos.

Shot as one continuous live performance, these music videos showcase Ariel Levine’s musicianship without any recording studio tricks. I set up multiple cameras on tripods while I operated a camera on a rig. In post production I used camera subtle shake effects to simulate having multiple camera operators for the locked off shots on tripods.

The audio for these videos happened a little differently this time. I positioned a mic by his amp, one by his face (as you could see) and two off-camera shotgun mics to capture a little of the room sound and to help give the recordings depth, atmosphere and ambience. I processed all of the audio as if it were a music recording, rather than sound for a video, in Logic Pro X.

Learn more about Ariel Levine and his new album.

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