Music Video: Elektric Voodoo

Project Basics

BPM’s Role: Cameras, Lighting, Audio, Video Editing

Client: Elektric Voodoo

Songs:“The Other Side”

Date: November 2016


Music, Video & Audio


We headed out to an abandoned train car in the desert for this BPM Live Session. The Other Side was recorded live on Abandoned Highway 80 in Descanso, California featuring members of Elektric Voodoo.

Guitar & vocals by Scott Tournet
Percussion by Ty Kiernan & Matt Bozzone

Shot mainly as one continuous live take, my intention is to show the musicians without any studio trickery. I set up multiple cameras on tripods while I operated a camera on a monopod or steadicam.

This is sort of my baby, so my role in these music videos is pretty all-encompassing. I book the artist, coordinate the shoots, set up the equipment, style, direct, and shoot and edit the video. I also mix the audio, usually recorded multitrack.

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