Location Event Package for Talk Show

Project Basics

BPM’s Role: 1 of the 2 Interview Cameras, All B-Roll, Audio, Video Editing

Client: Your Beer Show

Event: San Diego Brewer’s Guild Festival

Date: November 2016


Broadcast, Interview, Video & Audio


I created this location package for a live streaming late show about craft beer called Your Beer Show. Most of YBS was shot at a brewery, but this video was the on-location/event segment for the pilot episode. With my producer operating a second camera for the interview, I shot the rest and handled the audio as well. I also captured some mini interviews and shout-outs during this event, which we used elsewhere in the episode and cataloged the rest for future episodes.

I’ll pull back the curtain a little bit on this one… our correspondent Juanette wasn’t in the picture yet when I shot this event. Once she signed on to the project, we went back to the location a month later to record her parts. Hopefully for my editing chops that’s a surprise to read 🙂

Lowkey regrets: I wish I’d have brought my lens hood or matte box to kill that flare on Juanette. And I wish I would’ve checked that second camera’s exposure settings and cleaned the lens filter. Oh yeah, and that our ADR team would’ve given me a tighter sync on the male hosts.

I created the graphics, selected and edited the music and, of course, edited the video.

Gear used:

  • Canon DSLRs
  • Tascam field recorder
  • Shure mic w/ Sennheiser wireless kit
  • Edited in Premiere CC on an iMac
  • Audio synced with PluralEyes

Learn more about Your Beer Show.

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