Entrepreneur Authors Documentary

Project Basics

BPM’s Role: Director, Camera, Audio, Video Editing

Client: You Everywhere Now

Event: Publish & Profit

Date: 2017-2018


Events, Interview, Marketing, Video & Audio


I directed and produced this documentary short that follows a handful of attendees through a three-day event for entrepreneurs where they go home an Amazon best-selling author. I shot the footage, interviewed the attendees, and edited the piece together from over a dozen hours of footage. Being a documentary, I was careful not to script any of this or interfere with the authenticity. But I did storyboard the overall arc and selected the attendees to show the range and diversity of the group.

This first cut was shown to attendees at the latest iteration of the event to help set their expectations and hype them up. I continued to capture stories there so a second cut of the doc is forthcoming to promote future events. It will be broadcast on YouTube, Facebook Live as well as live on landing pages across their sales funnel.

Gear & Software Used:

  • Lumix GH5 & GH4, Canon 7D Mark II
  • Tascam field recorder
  • Shure mic w/ Sennheiser wireless kit
  • Edited in Premiere Pro CC
  • Audio synced with PluralEyes
  • Audio cleaned with Audition CC
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