Modeling Portfolio Building

Let’s collaborate to build your portfolio!

We’ll match your wardrobe & vibe to a beautiful location or simple backdrop to create a stunning image.

I’ve worked with a number of models who were just starting out or returning to modeling after some time away. No matter what, you need a strong portfolio to get the better gigs. So for these modeling portfolio building shoots, I often find a flexible and diverse location, encourage a varied and layered wardrobe for quick changes, and of course shoot for a range of poses and compositions. Basically I take some extra steps to help the model have more variety in her portfolio, often making it look like it wasn’t all shot at once.

All shoots include my natural-look retouching to ensure you’re looking as amazing as can be. The idea is keep your skin looking natural while employing some tricks you see all over magazines. No plastic faces here! And if you love your freckles or a beauty mark, we can certainly keep those intact.

Collaboration is important. I do my best work when the model contributes inspiration or shares some of her favorite images as we plan our shoot. I’m into so many different looks, having a cue from the model helps a lot in narrowing down what’s right for her portfolio. So tell me about yourself and don’t be shy!

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Applying to agencies? You’ll need what they call “digitals” or “Polaroids” which are an entirely different thing. For those, we shoot against a plain background. These are simple, raw shots of your basic looks. They want to see your body proportions and face, so keep your wardrobe simple and form fitting. And definitely bring your confidence and personality.

First impressions are a huge deal. They’ll probably make a decision on your application within seconds. So getting photos for cheap or free is probably a bad idea. Some people shoot crappy versions of these at home by themselves or with a friend’s help. But you’d stand out much more, having worked with a real photographer. Our photos would be undeniably more sharp and professional-looking. And it’d help show that you’re serious.

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From Yelp Reviews

It was a beautiful shoot! Working with Brendan was so easy and you could tell he wanted the lighting and the shot to be perfect. He knew what he was doing because the final product was better than I imagined

He didn’t make anything feel forced or staged. I am really, really happy with the pictures he took because they came out looking very natural.

Brendan was so personable and easy going while maintaining the utmost professionalism, which was a nice change from photographers I’ve worked with in the past.

I would recommend working with Brendan if you want to feel comfortable and want professional, amazing pictures done.

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