The Men’s Event 2016

on 10.14.2016 Event Photography with 0 comments

I love event photography clients that “get it.”

They take the simple but important steps to enable me to do my job well. They communicate expectations and logistics ahead of time, allowing me to mentally and technically prepare for the shoot ahead. They also don’t put up any barriers between me and a successful shoot – like having the event in a not-so-ideal kind of space, or crowding it with too many other photographers (pro or amateur), or making it so loud that I can’t talk to the people or so dark in the room that my camera gear can barely meter the scene.

Great event photography clients also pay on time and credit their photographers when appropriate. Plus they don’t mess with my photos as they post them to social media. (OMG don’t ever put an Instagram filter on professional’s photo. Eeek! Gross!)

The Jewish Federation of San Diego County is a great client. I’ve worked with them for about three years, shooting their large scale events. Below is a gallery picked from my shots of their annual Men’s Event, a fundraiser for the non-profit that calls specifically on their male support base, though some ladies were present. The Jewish Federation holds a similar annual event for ladies, which I shoot as well.

For this event I started with step-and-repeat photography by their logo wall as guests arrived and the sun set. Then I moved on to roaming event coverage during the drinks, dinner and speakers portions of the evening. Another photographer was capturing the speakers up close, so I focussed on the guests and tried to capture the scope of the event. We were on a large grassy field but there was some lighting provided and my Speedlite did the rest.

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