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I’ve always been a geek for art. As a child I was filling coloring books and wallpapering the fridge with my paintings and drawings. I even took art classes over a few summers. After a wide ranging journey, now I focus on making pretty pictures.

My degree is in Multimedia Production Technology, combining audio and video production with journalism and storytelling. This path has led me through a 10-year career as a multimedia designer with various other roles along the way including TV cameraman, radio production specialist, filmmaker, and now my full-time passion as a photographer.

Something that helps keep my inspired is the wide range of artistic pursuits I keep up. Photography, performing and recording music, shooting and editing video, designing graphics, or just building something at home with my hands. I love the variety!

What’s in a Name?

BPM are my initials but it means a lot more to me. As a toddler I loved banging on pots and pans, so much so that I was gifted a Sears drumset at an early age, you know, to save the cookware. Then in fourth grade I joined the school band and in sixth grade started private drums lessons. Being a drummer enveloped my youth and I pursued the study of music into college. From high school on I was in multiple rock, reggae, or hip hop bands at any given time. I spent a lot of my twenties touring the east coast and got to share stages with Grammy-winners, many of whom are my heroes.

Anyway, the pace of a song is measured in beats-per-minute, or BPM. How fitting that a drummer has those initials!

Visual Style

I love to produce images with vibrant colors and emotions. While black & white photography can strongly evoke moods and be visually striking, I prefer the infinite power of color. I work often in natural light, utilizing the golden glow of the San Diego sun. But depending on the shoot, I may use flashes and studio lights.

Work Ethic

I probably work too hard. Or so my friends tell me. But I’m from the east coast – most of us are like that 🙂 I really love what I do, so things stay interesting. I couldn’t imagine my life any other way.

Collaborating with me on a shoot is a mellow experience where we chat and I occasionally will help you pose and get in your own Zoolander zone. Being comfortable and confident is important on both sides of the camera. And I pride myself on being able to help people relax.

My Types of Clients

My favorite clients are the ones who know what they like. Lovers of Pinterest and Etsy, people with a sense of style and taste, or just plain old funky/interesting people are the best to work with. We get acquainted and loosen up. Rather than the photographer dictating how it goes, we collaborate to produce the best results possible.

Being a lifelong musician, I’ve worked with more musicians and bands than I can count!

Some of my commercial clients include FOX Sports, Formula E Racing, Fiat, Colliers International, Pristine Environments and Total Saddle Fit.

Aside from Photography

  • I love to be in nature (hiking, backpacking, stargazing, sunset chasing). Our beaches are beautiful but the woods feel the most like home to me. I camp often and always bring a camera, so I’m hoping to compile a book’s worth of National Parks photos to release in 2016.
  • I’m a big supporter of San Diego’s local brewing culture, food trucks and Mexico’s Baja Med culinary movement.
  • I love dogs. I enjoy cats on the Internet, but I’m allergic.
  • I have a large organic garden in my yard and some chickens!


Enjoying working with so many different types of people and personalities from behind the camera. This continues to be a very rewarding passion and career.

Founded BPM.photo and decided to be my own boss!

June 2014

Crew member for independent films on camera & audio, produced music videos

Hired to help a large company produce and leverage video online, shoot corporate headshots and event photos
October 2011

HELLO CA!  Made a great decision and moved to San Diego after a photo-filled 10-day trek across the country

Became the Web & New Media Manager for an international peacebuilding non-profit
Became an eMarketing Specialist for a B2B software company
Taught myself graphic design & some HTML to start a more “safe” career as a webmaster

Shot & Broadcast video for the John F Kennedy Center for Performing Arts in Washington, DC

Produced radio station promos, overnight on-air shift at an alt rock station, met lots of rockstars
Decembers 1997-1999

1st photography job as Santa’s Elf… Polaroids & loads of crazy kids

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